Criteria for new referrals New users only.Affiliate Page

The person you’re sharing the link to cannot have any existing account at Deucelo. Affiliate can receive affiliate shares over any purchase made by the new member to Deucelo that they have referred. Rewards are only eligible for first-time purchases of digital products or online coaching programs or softwares that has passed 45 days of purchased period or longer or after the trial period of refund has been cleared by the buyer through monthly purchase means the first month purchased referral shares will only be received after 45 days of purchased or upon trial period has ended. Purchases of any products of below 45 days or when the trial period has not passed or when a refund has been activated by the purchaser or buyer. or The referred client does not refund and is active for at least 45 days. Earnings will be transferred Wire transfer or depending on the payment method you have chosen on the referral dashboard Earnings will be issued after collecting $50 or more of earnings via faster means if in local area available or via wire transfer.

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